Taking Stock



As the year careens to an end, we may find ourselves going through closets and making the hard decision to get rid of items we no longer want, need, or are able to wear.

The changing of the seasons gives us a good excuse to take inventory of what we have. All through our homes curtains, bed linens, area rugs, and even dishes get a good looking-at as we prepare to switch to heavier fabrics and darker color palettes.

Autumn greets us with an array of colors and feelings. We may be excited about the cooler weather and the holidays that bring us closer to family and friends we don’t see often. But autumn also reminds us that soon we’ll be facing a brand new year.

Now we begin to look back over the past months and evaluate what kind of year it’s been. Have we prospered or not? Are we close to meeting the goals we set when the year was brand new and full of promise?

During the last quarter of the year we might start to avoid the mirror if we haven’t become as physically fit as we hoped way back in January. Or we may not want to look at bank statements because we’ve saved so much less that we said we would when our New Year’s resolutions were fresh.

Inventory. That’s what this time of year is all about, it seems. Even your favorite department store may be hiring extra help and staying open all night to take stock of what’s on the shelves and racks.

Interestingly, the word ‘inventory’ is related to the word ‘invent’. They both stem from a Latin word meaning “to come upon, or to discover”.

As we take inventory of all our stuff and things, it’s also an opportunity to invent something new. We can discover truths about ourselves that can catapult us forward in a way that no New Year’s resolution ever could. We can come upon dreams and talents that have been buried in the busyness and obligations of day-to-day life.

There is a popular quote going around on social media platforms:

As we let go of unnecessary (although sometimes beautiful) things in our lives, may we all be invigorated by the wonder of invention—mainly of better versions of ourselves.

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