The DNA of Deliverance


Most of us can remember learning something about DNA during our school years. And even though we may not be able to recall the scientific details, we know that DNA controls our genetic code. Everything about us is programmed in and expressed by our genes. DNA is like the alphabet that spells out who we are at the most basic levels of our existence.

If you have ever listened to messages at  RTYGM, you will know that Apostle Rhonda teaches about how to obtain freedom at the most basic level of our existence—our DNA.

That may seem like an odd topic to address on Sunday mornings, but science has discovered that we inherit so much more from our parents than height and hair color, for example:

  1.     The love of coffee
  2.     Academic success
  3.     The ability to drive a car
  4.     Popularity
  5.     Lactose intolerance

Isn’t it amazing that our genetic code is programmed to determine even some of our preferences?

On a more somber note, research for this blog led to an article with this title:

“Inherited Trauma Shapes Your Health”

Interestingly, the article states that researchers “found that the sons of Union Army soldiers who endured grueling conditions as prisoners of war were more likely to die young than the sons of soldiers who were not prisoners. This is despite the fact that the sons were born after the war, so they couldn’t have experienced its horrors personally. In other words, it seemed like the stresses of war were getting passed down between generations.”

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has also brought more attention to our genes because it’s been shown that people with pre-existing medical conditions are more likely to suffer more severely with the virus. In the African American community, there has been a long history of hypertension and diabetes that could be linked to the inheritance of health conditions as well as the collective trauma of mistreatment and discrimation. 

Even though the science of inheritance is legitimate, we are not necessarily doomed to live out the bad handwriting in our genes. The Apostle Paul once asked, “Who will deliver me from this death sentence?” And the immediate answer was, “Thank God! Through Jesus Christ!”  In Him, there is power available to live beyond what our natural programming says. Let’s look at a few biblical examples:

Moses was  born a slave. For nearly 400 years his ancestors had been the property of Pharaoh. But God had a plan to deliver His people, using Moses as their leader. Divinely-orchestrated events led Moses to grow up in the palace of the king, changing his surroundings and expectations. As a result of this and his encounter with God at the burning bush, the programming of slavery had no more power over Moses.

Ruth was a Moabite, a race of people that came into existence through an incestuous relationship between Lot and his daughter. As a result, Moabites were considered to be ceremonially unclean and somewhat despised. Ruth’s humility and love for the Living God brought her into a covenant relationship that eventually gave rise to King David and his future offspring, Jesus the Messiah. A negative family background was powerless to ruin Ruth’s life and legacy. 

David was the youngest of a house full of handsome, stately brothers. By the time he was a young teenager, David’s position as runt of the family was firmly in place. The nationally-respected prophet Samuel was a guest at the home of Jesse, David’s father; and only after a long delay was it even revealed that there was another son. David was then summoned by the prophet and had the oil of anointing poured all over him. Any genetic code of rejection and insignificance was broken, and David went on to become the beloved king of Israel. 

The Apostle Paul had an impressive pedigree. He was an Israelite from the tribe of Benjamin and had studied the Scriptures under the oversight of one of the most respected scholars of his time. By profession he was a Pharisee. The combination of his heritage, his training, and his  personality pretty much ensured that Paul would live his life as an enemy of Jesus Christ and the Church. However, through his brief and Holy-Spirit orchestrated meeting with Stephen the martyr and a later face-to-face encounter with Jesus, Paul became so much more than his natural lineage could have determined. 

So what about you and me? We all have genetically programmed possibilities that have or that are waiting to show up either to our benefit or to impose limitations on our lives. Most likely we can all identify family patterns that are at work already if we just look closely at ourselves. Let’s invite the Holy Spirit to do some re-coding in the areas where sin and death have already keyed in their input. The overcoming authority of the resurrected Jesus is able to take us from our sick, sad, and average existence to more joy and life than we can ask or imagine…if we allow Him to. 




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