Warning: Plug In Or…

You’ve likely seen this warning while working on your laptop:

Usually, the low battery warning pops up at an inconvenient time. The cord is on the other side of the room and you have just settled into a comfortable seat. You realize that you forgot to bring the power cord home from work. Or the movie is at its most exciting part when you realize that your computer will shut off in about 3.5 minutes!

In the back of our minds we are aware that we’ll need to plug in soon, but somehow there is a false sense of security associated with seeing the battery icon three-quarters full, half full. The internal dialogue goes something like this: “O, I still have a fourth of my battery life left, and the computer is still working just fine.”

It’s not until the screen gets dim that we begin to consider plugging in. And it’s amazing how well our eyes can adjust to a dimmed screen if we’re engrossed enough in what we’re doing.

Of course, this is one big analogy to life in general and our life in Jesus in particular.

Regardless of our Christian name tags and activities, if we are not absolutely plugged into Him, we will be forced to find another (or other) source(s) of power. Some of the alternative sources could be:

  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Food and drink in excessive amounts
  • Staying busy…hobbies, projects, endless to-do lists
  • Continuing education
  • Socializing
  • Collecting awards, recognition, accolades, and validation
  • Throwing ourselves into any number of activities in order to ‘feel alive’
  • Fantasizing

Now, this is a short list because the options are as varied as we all are as individuals. However, the outcome of resorting to these counterfeit energy sources is always the same.

Because we live in a world where everything is available to us–either virtually or in reality–we have a hard time being exclusive in our preferences and in our choices. And, yes, variety has its merits But when it comes to our life, our joy, our purpose, and our sense of self we must defer to Jesus exclusively.

Have you ever thought your power cord was plugged in only to find out that it was not? You’ve been looking at the cord in your laptop thinking the other end was in the wall socket, but you discover that someone has tripped over it and you’ve been losing power without realizing it.

It’s time to check all of our connections. How is our personal life with the Lord? Are we loving Him first and best as evidenced by how we spend our time and energy? Whose company do we prefer most of all? Is our understanding of His Word and His ways dimmer than it used to be, and have we casually adjusted to the lessening of our light?

We all rush to plug our laptops in when the warning pops up telling us that just a few minutes of battery life remain. Then we get in a hurry, don’t we! Likewise when people are faced with the end of their lives–perhaps because of the realities of aging, or the effects of an illness, or the passing of a loved one, or hearing about the death of an office associate who was just in a meeting with us last week.

It is careless to plug in just before all the life is gone. This is true of our devices and with our lives in Jesus. Whatever we would do for Him if we found out we had months, weeks, or days to live–that’s what we should be doing right now.

And it’s not primarily about actions, it’s about our affections toward Him. When we love Him first and best, our actions will be proof of the fire of our relationship with Him. His current running through us will be undeniable.

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